Our Story

The Whole story begins on January 2017

When Eng/ Mohamed starts to share a 20 years of experience in the business and entrepreneurship with his friends, But These was not just sharing of some information and knowledge

These consultations made a great Impact on the businesses

And this is when it all begins!

Our Mission

Transforming the small and medium companies and make them reach their full potential and goals in a different way makes the entrepreneurs enjoy their way to success

Our Vision

Helping, Transforming and partnership with every for vibrant & bold entrepreneur and making this whole process nothing more like a game so we can win and enjoy every thing in it

The Game Rules

Rule number 1

If you’ve decided to deal with the game you have to accept our concept which is in union there’s strength the company that’s dealing with the game must act like one person as too many decisions bring up failure

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Rule Number 2

The founder have to be passionate and ambitious to be able to implement his business with the most perfect way possible

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Rule Number 3

The Game takes a percentage of your monthly sales and no upfront money is taken, So in case of not achieving your sales target we don’t take our full fees

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Rule Number 4

punctuality is needed to ensure continuity and dealing with The Game

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